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What is Gram?

Gram is a cryptocurrency created on the basis of the Telegram Open Network blockchain platform. The development of Gram is led by the team of the most famous cryptocurrency messenger in the world, Telegram. The introduction of cryptocurrency into the messenger will allow Gram to become the most used cryptocurrency in history.

  • Speed

    The TON multi-blockchain processes millions of transactions per second through the Infinite Sharding Paradigm and Instant Hypercube Routing.

  • Decentralized ecosystem

    Telegram Open Network is a secure and scalable decentralized internet project with its own service structure, the main currency of which is Gram.

  • Community

    The Telegram messenger has accumulated the largest cryptocurrency user base in the world - 260 million people who have easy access to the TON infrastructure in one click.

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How to buy Gram?

  1. TON Coin (Gram) is currently unavailable and not for sale. The deadline for launching the TON blockchain and the Gram cryptocurrency is October 31, 2019.

  2. Everyone who is now selling Gram sells either fake (such as 'Gram Token', etc.) or derivatives (contracts) for a future purchase of the Telegram Open Network cryptocurrency at a set price.

  3. TON is now in a test mode and you can only get test Gram coins in your Grams Wallet.

How much does the Gram cryptocurrency cost?

  1. The cost of the TON Coin (Gram) cryptocurrency in the first round of private sales amounted to $0.38, in the second round - $1.33.

  2. The cost of derivatives (contracts) for the purchase of TON is from $3.50 to $8.

  3. No one knows how much TON Coin (Gram) will cost when it officially launches, this will determine the market, but at the moment the demand for Gram is very high.

How were the Gram coins distributed?

  1. According to Forbes magazine, Telegram Group Inc. plans to issue 5 billion units of Gram cryptocurrency, of which 44% will be distributed among investors, 4% will be allocated to developers, and another 52% will be reserved.

  2. 94 investors participated in two rounds of TON private sale, the minimum investment amount for the first round was $20 million, for the second round it was $1 million.

  3. In the spring of 2018, Telegram Group Inc. filed two Form D's for registering the token sale in the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), which allowed US investors to participate in the project.

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