Lightning Network Faucet

The Internet has made the world a single space, not separated by state borders. Cryptocurrencies are a catalyst that allows you to get rid of old ideas and change the course of world history.

We believe that decentralized money is the future of the global financial system, so we are ready to send 1000 Satoshi on Lightning Network to each new member of the cryptocommunity.

Try using cryptocurrencies yourself and see how easy and convenient it is!

You have already received free 1000 satoshi.

Where can I get the Lightning invoice?

Step 1. Go to your Lightning Wallet.

Step 2. Сreate an invoice for 1000 Satoshi and copy it.

Step 3. Paste it in the field above.

You don't have a Lightning wallet?

  • A beautiful and convenient application for use with Lightning Network.

  • Is one of the best applications for use with Lightning Network in our opinion.

  • Allows you to fully work with the Lightning network, each created wallet is a full-fledged lightning node.

  • Zap is the only lightning wallet with a desktop version. While in beta testing, but already working with the mainnet.

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  • How to start using the Lightning Network?

    To use Bitcoin on the Lightning Network, you need to create a payment channel with the Lightning Network node. The fastest and most convenient method to do this is to use a Lightning Network-enabled wallet and FixedFloat to replenish it.

  • Why would you need the Lightning Network?

    For a start, we would like to consider the characteristics of Bitcoin, as a global digital currency, allowing everyone anywhere in the world to receive, send and store values without the participation of third parties such as governments or banks.

  • What is the difference between regular blockchain and Lightning Network?

    The Lightning Network is a second layer built on top of the main blockchain, meaning that it is built separately to the Bitcoin network but interacts with it. The bottom line is that it allows for faster payments, with lower fees.

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