News of cryptocurrencies of the 2nd week of February 2023

FTX asks politicians to return donations

FTX management has asked politicians and political organizations to return the millions of dollars donated by the exchange and its founders before it went bankrupt last year.

The FTX exchange collapsed with a scandal in November last year, and the investigation into this case is still ongoing. Now management is trying to return donations to pay off their debts to customers. Otherwise, FTX reserves the right to take legal action.

After 10 years Bitcoin address woke up and transferred 412 BTC

A dormant BTC wallet that has been inactive for over 10 years has become active again today. A transaction worth 412.12 BTC was sent from the address. In 2012, the owner of the wallet purchased 412.12 BTC for $5,200. The owner sold the coins this week, recording a profit of $9.6 million.

Dubai bans transactions with Monero, Zcash and other anonymous currencies

The jurisdiction in the United Arab Emirates has published the rules for regulating cryptocurrencies in the UAE. All companies and issuers of cryptocurrencies wishing to operate in the United Arab Emirates must obtain a license and register. All cryptocurrencies associated with increasing anonymity, such as Monero, ZCash, were also banned.

Previously, a similar ban was adopted in the jurisdiction of Japan, and the European Union is also considering the possibility of banning anonymous cryptocurrencies that prevent their tracking.

The influx of funds into crypto funds continues

It is already the fourth positive week in a row, investment instruments based on cryptocurrencies have noted an influx of funds in the amount of $76 million. In total, since January, the inflow has been $230 million. Bitcoin is still popular, the funds received coins worth $69 million.

SEC chairman: "Not your keys, not your coins"

SEC Chairman Gary Gensler urged crypto exchanges to pay attention to Kraken's decision to stop staking in the country. Earlier, the Kraken exchange went to meet the SEC and to settle the charges and abandoned staking operations in the United States. The chairman also noted that in the crypto community there is such a concept "not your keys - not your coins", and other platforms should strive for full openness and transparency.

Ethereum transition to Shapella "on the horizon"

The Ethereum Foundation development team said they were even closer to the Shanghai update. The Shapella fork on the Zhejiang testnet has entered the final stage before launch. The Shapella update will add many new features, but most importantly, the ability to withdraw funds from staking.

Tether talks about success for 2022

Tether reported that it has significantly improved its balance sheet in 2022. The company managed to completely get rid of corporate papers and, by the end of 2022, recorded a profit of $700 million.

Rehab Centers offer help with cryptocurrency trading addiction

A Spanish rehab center has added crypto trading addiction to its list of services. As a result of the study, it was found that about 1% of cryptocurrency traders will have an extreme degree of dependence on cryptocurrencies.

In February, a client approached the center with a request to help in the fight against addiction. He said that he makes trades worth $ 200,000 weekly and cannot stop. During the treatment, the center offers a four-week stay, which includes therapy, massage and yoga. The cost of treatment varies around $75,000.

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