News of cryptocurrencies of the 1st week of February 2023

The BTC exchange rate in Nigeria rose to $47924

This week, the BTC exchange rate in Nigeria soared to $47,924. This is due to the fact that the Central Bank has set a limit on withdrawals and deposits at ATMs. High commissions are set for exceeding the limit. The Central Bank aims to reduce the amount of cash in circulation. Earlier, new banknotes were put into circulation in Nigeria, for which the old ones had to be exchanged before January 31. Because of this, huge queues formed in bank branches and complaints poured in. As a result, the Bank postponed the date to February 10.

BNB Chain developers are working on implementing parallel execution of transactions

Since the end of 2021, BNB Chain developers have been working on implementing parallel execution of transactions. This solution will make it possible to add transactions to the blockchain not one after another, but in parallel, that is, several transactions at the same time. The throughput will increase significantly in this way. This technology is already implemented in Aptos and Sui.

BonqDAO and AllianceBlock were attacked for $88 million

The first major hack this year happened with BonqDAO and AllianceBlock. Hackers exploited a vulnerability in one of BonqDAO's smart contracts. According to experts, the loss amounted to about $120 million. Hackers managed to convert some of the funds into ETH and stablecoins.

Elon Musk wants to add crypto payments to Twitter

Twitter developers are actively working on the implementation of a system that allows payments to be made through the Elon Musk platform. As the billionaire stated, this solution is primarily focused on fiat currencies, but he also wants to add the possibility of cryptocurrency payments later.

An Ethereum user sent a transaction with a network fee of 19.47 ETH

An Ethereum network user sent a transaction in the amount of 33.52 ETH, paying a network fee of 19.47 ETH for it. The current Ethereum network fee is approximately 20 Gwei ($0.69).

Justin Sun's plans for 2023: to achieve the adoption of Tron in the countries

Justin Sun announced his plans for the coming year. The founder of Tron wants his cryptocurrency to be accepted in five countries in 2023. At the moment, TRX is officially accepted in Dominica and Saint Martin, whose total population is slightly more than 100,000 people. Recently, Justin Sun intrigued his fans by announcing that soon a major country will legalize TRX and tokens of its ecosystem as legal tender.

Malware HeadCrab infected 1200 servers for mining Monero

More than 1,200 Monero mining servers have been infected with malware that aims to search for vulnerable Redis servers on the Internet. The researchers who discovered this software called it HeadCrab. After the server is infected with HeadCrab, attackers get all the opportunities to fully control it. Redis administrators have given recommendations to their clients in order to protect themselves from malware.

The head of Binance Changpeng Zhao shared his time management rules

CZ is a role model for many. And even if you are not his fan, undoubtedly the results of his activities deserve respect. Binance is the largest cryptocurrency exchange. This week Changpeng Zhao shared his time management rules.

The creator of Binance noted that it is important for him to be able to say "no" to uninteresting or inefficient things, this saves time. He also likes multiplicity, tries to hold all meetings in 15 minutes or less. He also prefers online shopping, does not like to cook and clean at home, does not watch TV and TikTok. A separate hobby of CZ is Twitter, he spends a lot of time in it.

Of course, such rules will be alien to many. But it's worth noting that the main thing about them is not that you shouldn't watch TV and chat with others. The main thing that CZ and other successful people who have their own time management rules note is that time is the most valuable resource and it's not worth wasting it on something that doesn't matter to you.

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